i-wanna-marry-harry-episode-2-FOX.jpgDid you tune in for “I Wanna Marry Harry” last week? If not, let us catch you up. Twelve ladies came to the U.K. for a reality romance show and they were made to believe that the man they are vying for is Prince Harry. The ruse appears to actually be working on a few of them, which is rather hilarious.

However, even some of the slower girls are getting wise to the charade. Kimberly says at the top of the hour, “I just don’t see how they’d let a bunch of crazy American girls around Prince Harry. I mean, I wouldn’t. That should be, like, a law.”

Indeed, Kimberly.

But the show isn’t going to let the girls’ common sense stop them, so it’s time to plant a few more seeds of doubt in their mind about Matthew being a normal guy, including a security emergency where some Secret Service-like men swoop in with a helicopter and ferret “Harry” away, which definitely gives some of the girls pause.

Later, Rose, as the Crown Suite winner, gets to choose which girls make tea and which girls play cricket. The girls who have to make tea are mad, the girls who have to play cricket are mad — there’s no pleasing these people. “I’m serving tea, like a pioneer lady,” snots Andrea, making me embarrassed to share a name with her.

At the formal dinner, Maggie tries oysters for the first time and actually almost vomits on the table, which would have been amazing. Never thought I’d ever root for vomit, but I totally was.

When it comes to the elimination, Andrea and Kimberly are chosen to head off separate from the other women. Kimberly ends up getting the key to the Crown Suite and Andrea is sent packing. Don’t let the door hit ya, bad Andrea.

It’s interesting that he chooses Kimberly for (presumably) tomorrow’s date because she seems to have fallen for his ruse moreso than some of the other girls. Is that part of the appeal, do you think?

When Kimberly goes up to the Crown Suite, Rose is there to greet her and for a split second, I laugh thinking that maybe they have to share now. Like, one by one the girls join the Crown Suite until there is one lonely girl sleeping downstairs. Hee.

Speaking of downstairs, Maggie is da-runk at the dinner table. She may not have vomited earlier, but you can bet your bottom dollar she’s going to be vomiting later. Kelley amazingly says, “Maggie is in denial that she is a drunk.” It’s awesome that she doesn’t say “drunk,” Kelley says “a drunk.” Like Maggie just gets drunk all the time, which is wonderful.

And then Jacqueline confronts Meghan about being mean to Maggie, calling Meghan a mean girl and Meghan first says in an interview, “Don’t call ME a mean girl, b****” and then to Jacqueline’s face Meghan yells, “I could eat alphabet soup and s*** something out that makes more sense than what you’re saying right now!”

This show is wonderful, y’all.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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