i-wanna-marry-harry-episode-4-FOX.jpgSparks and fireworks were flying on the latest episode of “I Wanna Marry Harry” this week. Not only did the show plant a photoshopped picture of Matthew Hicks with his “brother” Prince William, but one girl voluntarily left the show in addition to the normal elimination.

The Photo

Karina is the only girl who sees the photo, since as the Crown Suite recipient, she gets to eat breakfast with “Harry” in his room. She kind of freaks out and so do some of the other girls, and while we’d like to believe we wouldn’t fall for this, the photo is a pretty big bomb to drop. It looks real and it’s not as though they all get to examine it with a magnifying glass or something.

The Group Date

William chooses Chelsea and Maggie for the date, which is horseback riding, while the rest of the girls are made to muck the stalls at the stable. Heh.

On the date, Chelsea just comes right out and asks if “Harry” has ever dated a black girl and he says no, then in an interview, Matthew says he loves how upfront and frank Chelsea is. And speaking of that, Chelsea makes a not-at-all-veiled remark about Maggie’s drinking and Maggie gets offended. She says in an interview, “Are you f***ing kidding me? Don’t say that to me in front of him.”

Um, how about don’t get knee-walking drunk every night, Maggie. And then no sooner do I say that then Maggie confronts Chelsea about it and Chelsea says, “Don’t get piss-a** drunk every night.” Amen, sister.

Maggie continues to be mad that Chelsea would do something to her when they’re supposed to be friends and Chelsea’s like, “Um, we don’t have to be friends, you crazy drunk.” No kidding. Chelsea is dropping truth-bombs left and right and Maggie doesn’t like the mirror being held up, you know?

Karina’s Date

As Karina gets whisked away in a helicopter, the ladies argue about whether he’s really Prince Harry. Anna Lisa is saying no way, while adorable Kelley is like, “HE TOTALLY IS, I’M GONNA BE A PRINCESS!” Seriously, spinoff for Kelley, she’s kind of amazing.

But then! Maggie and Anna Lisa are making a federal case out of Chelsea not being their BFF, and Chelsea tells them to shut the eff up!  It’s awesome. Maybe Chelsea and Kelley can just go have mad-cap, “Odd Couple” adventures on this spinoff I’m creating here. Are you listening to this, TLC?

Anyway, on the date, which is in London, the show piles on with the charade by having some planted fans screaming for Prince Harry, which is another pretty big clue to plant. Good form, show.

Chelsea Quits

Chelsea admits that she’s sick of the weird obsession the other girls have with them all being best friends. I’m with Chelsea — they’re downstairs and Maggie is so offended by the Chelsea’s attitude and can’t stop talking about it. So Chelsea just decides she’s had enough of this and isn’t really into it, so she leaves — and on her way out, she tells “Harry” that some of the girls are not being very nice to her.

Then weirdly, when Chelsea tells the group, Maggie says, “Don’t give up and leave!” Oh shut up, Drunky Brewster.

Badminton and Bad Vibes

Kelley decides she needs to really just put it all out there, so she wears Daisy Dukes and boots to play badminton and starts diving all over the court. Like I said — she should have her own show on TLC.

Later, while in the hot tub, the girls play truth or dare with “Harry” — they’re drinking, so guess whose idea it was? But Maggie isn’t the girl who is drawing the prince’s eye. It’s Meghan, who is being “eye humped” by “Harry” (her words). She also keeps referring to him as “babe,” which is gross. Stop that.

The Elimination

Anna Lisa and Kelley are the two girls brought out for elimination or Crown Suite, which is awesome. I thought for sure it would be Anna Lisa and Meghan, since (as we know) Meghan is having “eye sex” with “Harry.”

But no, it’s our favorite girl! And she’s totally not being eliminated because “Harry” loves her crazy charm, while Anna Lisa is the one girl who is really not falling for the charade, so she’s gotz to go.

Well, this was a fun episode. Keep it up, “I Wanna Marry Harry”!

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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