i-wanna-marry-harry-premiere-FOX-rose.jpgIt certainly appeared during the “I Wanna Marry Harry” premiere that at least a few of the girls are fairly convinced they really are vying for Prince Harry’s heart. Star Matthew Hicks tells Zap2it that there’s a good mixture of believers and non-believers amongst the cast, but regardless of whether they think he’s Prince Harry or not, there is plenty of drama in store.

“A lot of drama amongst the women, a few tears here and there,” says Hicks of the upcoming season. “I miss most of the drama, it’s mostly between the women. I take a
backseat role in the show, all in all. [laughs] But it’s got everything that
you’d want in a reality TV show.”

Despite the drama, though, Hicks says he does start to develop real feelings for some of the women. “As it goes on, the girls that were cast are fantastic and by the end of the process, when
all my attention is directed on the last few girls, I do develop
feelings. It’s hard not to at that point,” says Hicks, adding that Rose definitely got his attention on night one, which is why she got the first key to the Crown Suite.

“I couldn’t tell you exactly what it was [about Rose]. I’d only known the girls for two hours at that point,” says Hicks. “Any one of them could have gone up to the Crown Suite, all in all. It was just a first impression. She was fun, flirty and I thought she looked really pretty on the first night. She stood out, honestly.”

Leah was the girl unfortunately sent home, and Hicks tells us that it’s all down to first impressions and who you feel a connection with.

“It was first impressions. When you’re in a group of 12 girls, some people stand out and some people fade, and it’s not saying the people that don’t stand out aren’t the ones that I want there, but it’s difficult on the first night,” says Hicks. “You had to really grab my attention and unfortunately she didn’t.”

What did you think of the premiere of “I Wanna Marry Harry”? Will you be joining us each week for all the royal drama?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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