ian somerhalder birthday Ian Somerhalder turns 35: Celebrate his birthday with his 5 best roles

Happy birthday, Ian Somerhalder.

Everyone’s favorite bad-vampire-turned-good-guy (or so we thought …) turns 35 on Sunday (Dec. 8), and to celebrate the big day, Zap2it looked back at Somerhalder’s career and picked his five best roles so far.

5. Somerhalder got his start on the WB’s “Dawson’s Creek” spinoff series, “Young Americans.” He played Hamilton Fleming, the son of his school’s dean and dated a girl who disguised herself to look like a boy in order to get the attention of her absent mother.

4. Taking a crack at movies, Somerhalder starred with James Van Der Beek in the dramedy movie, “The Rules of Attraction.” He played Paul Denton, a bisexual who develops an attraction to Van Der Beek’s Sean, who eventually rejects him.

3. During Season 3 of “Smallville,” Somerhalder played Adam Knight (formerly known as Chad Nash), a resurrected teen with a bleeding eye problem sent by Lionel Luthor to spy on Clark Kent and Lana Lang.

2. As the first major character to die on “LOST,” Somerhalder returned for the final season to reprise his role of Boone. During the series finale, his conversation with Locke was so awesomely meta with nods here and there to moments they shared in earlier seasons.

1. Obviously his greatest role to date is his current one on “The Vampire Diaries.” No one can make bad look as good as Somerhalder does as Damon Salvatore, the (not really?) reformed serial killing vampire who finally got the girl in Season 4. We’ve known from the get-go that he kills and loves to kill, but we assumed he stopped killing when he and Elena got together. We found out on Thursday (Dec. 5), however, that that’s not the case.

So happy birthday, Somerhalder — we can’t wait to see what you do next.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum