Miranda Cosgrove says an emotional goodbye in the series finale of Nickelodeon’s “iCarly.”

In the episode entitled “iGoodbye,” Cosgrove’s character, Carly, is devastated when her dad can’t be there to take her to the Air Force father daughter dance. When Carly’s brother Spencer (Jerry Trainor) gets too sick to take her himself, Carly’s bestie, Sam (Jennette McCurdy) goes into action, talking buddies Freddie (Nathan Kress) and Gibby (Noah Munck) into getting their tuxes on.

But Carly is too upset to attend the dance with anyone but her dad, or her brother as his fill-in, and says she just wants the night to be over. At that moment, Carly’s father walks in the door for an emotional surprise reunion.

Upon learning after the dance that dad has to return immediately to his Air Force base in Italy, Carly has a difficult decision to make. Should she go with him? How can she leave her friends behind?

Sam and Spencer encourage Carly to seize the moment, and she makes plans to depart for Italy in four hours — just enough time to make one last “iCarly” webisode with Sam and Freddie.

Carly says goodbye to Spencer, her live-in guardian, and thanks him for taking care of her. Spencer points out what viewers already know: “You took care of yourself.” The pair embrace as Spencer tears up.

Then Carly goes to see Freddie and surprises him with a goodbye kiss. Sam and Carly have the final goodbye with a touching elevator ride, followed by the requisite montage of the series’ best moments.

In the final webisode, Carly tells her viewers, “This isn’t goodbye … but, ‘iCarly’s’ gonna be taking a break.”

Could that be an open door for a future “iCarly” reunion?

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