icarly jack black 320 'iCarly' starts a 'Fan War' with Jack BlackFame has its price — even for Carly Shay.

The next “iCarly” movie, “iStart a Fan War,” will find Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) getting a taste of uber-fandom when she, Sam (Jennette McCurdy) and Freddie (Nathan Kress) host a panel at a fan convention called WebiCon (think Comic-Con, and you get the idea). They’re there to talk about making the show, but all the fans want to know is whether Freddie is dating Carly or Sam.

The “Creddie” and “Seddie” factions soon are about to declare war one another in the clip below (which you can only see on Zap2it), when Sam sets the record straight — much to Carly’s dismay.

Also in the episode, Jack Black (Miranda’s “School of Rock” co-star) guests as “Aspartamay,” Spencer’s (Jerry Trainor) online nemesis. The two costumed warriors engage in a wizardly showdown the likes of which fanboys and -girls have never seen.

“iStart a Fan War” premieres Friday, Nov. 19 on Nickelodeon. Have a look at the WebiCon madness:

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Photo credit: Nickelodeon

Posted by:Rick Porter