idris elba taiyana garth pregnant family friendly movies gi Idris Elba: 6 kid friendly movie roles now that Naiyana Garth is pregnant

People always suggest tough, action roles for Idris Elba. But now that he and girlfriend, Naiyana Garth, are pregnant with their first child (Elba’s second), the actor might want to reconsider. With a G-rated viewer in the house, Elba (“The Wire,” “Luther”) might want to consider some family friendly roles instead.

After all, babies aren’t the target audience for “Pacific Rim” — or for roles like Batman and James Bond, as some have suggested. Since remakes are the big thing in Hollywood these days, Elba could simply remake one of these six films that allow tough guys to show their softer sides.

Detective John Kimble: “Kindergarten Cop” (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Elba would make a great undercover super-cop posing as a teacher of young children.

Derek (the temporary Tooth Fairy) in “The Tooth Fairy” (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson)

What better way to teach the little one about tooth-stealing, magical creatures than by playing one? Elba could play a different sport like soccer since he’s British and all.

Harry in “Home Alone” (Joe Pesci)

If Elba wants to keep some of that criminal edge he got from “The Wire,” maybe he could take the Joe Pesci role in a “Home Alone” reboot. After all, Pesci made his name playing a criminal too.

Nick Persons in “Are We There Yet” (Ice Cube)

Elba is going to get to know the joys and horrors of a family vacation soon enough. He could practice by following Ice Cube’s lead and making a fun road-trip movie.

Shane Wolfe in “The Pacifier” (Vin Diesel)

Little kids need to be protected (adorably!) from terrorists too. Just think how terrified the moppets could be by Elba’s brooding menace.

Blake Thorne/Santa in “Santa with Muscles” (Hulk Hogan)

This sadly forgotten holiday film really needs a reboot. What could be better than an amnesiac bad boy who fights evil scientists  in order to save orphans for the holidays? And Elba would bring an impressive depth to the Santa savior character. Maybe Mila Kunis would be willing to reprise her role as a grown-up version of her poor orphan.

Posted by:Laurel Brown