As part of his press tour promoting “Pacific Rim,” actor Idris Elba stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” where he talks about, amongst other things, meeting Prince Charles.

“After I decided I wanted to be an actor, I wanted to be in the National Youth Music Theatre and you had to pay 2000 as a token to get in and my parents couldn’t afford it, so I applied for the Prince’s trust thing and I got it and he gave me the money. Now I’m a Prince’s trust ambassador,” says Elba.

“Has anyone met Prince Charles? He’s the coolest. Smooth. Proper. He’s got this ring, he’s got the slicked-back hair, he looks like a gangster,” he adds.

“Maybe in England he looks like a gangster, but not around here,” laughs Kimmel.

Elba also teases a bit about “Pacific Rim” — “I play Stacker Pentecost … that’s a great name. I’m this really serious, old Army-type dude who is in the middle ofthe whole film. Everyone comes to me and I point them off.”

“Pacific Rim” opens nationwide Friday, July 12.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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