Walt-Goggins-Community.jpgFans who turn into tonight’s (Thursday,Jan. 16)  “Community,” or catch up on it later on the DVR, will get to see “Justified” star Walt Goggins guest-star as Mr. Stone, an investigator with a connection to former study-group member Pierce (who was played by ex-cast-member Chevy Chase).

The very straight-laced Mr. Stone gives a lie-detector test to the study group, causing them to reflect on how they view themselves and their place in the world.
While Mr. Stone turns out to be a bit different than fans may initially expect, playing the part made Goggins a little nervous.
“I said yes to two things,” he tells Zap2it. “I’m a fan of ‘Community’; I’ve been a fan for a long time. I haven’t seen every episode, but I’ve seen enough. I think they’re some of the smartest people writing today. Dan [Harmon] is an incredibly bright man.

“It was fun. It was definitely an opportunity for me to put myself in a situation that made me insecure. They’re very good at what they do. It’s their world; it’s their playground. They have a cadence and a rhythm to how they interface with each other.
“It was daunting to me to step into it; but that only took about 10 minutes.”

Asked if Mr. Stone could come back, Goggins says, “I can come back. Sure, I can come back. Would I come back? Absolutely.”
Posted by:Kate O'Hare