if you can dream peta 'If I Can Dream' star Justin Gaston gets naked for PETA. Yes, Miley's ex
Talk about a great way to get a lot of attention for a new Web series.

Justin Gaston, whom you may remember from being Miley Cyrus‘ super-cute underwear model boyfriend, and hot newcomers Giglianne Braga, and Ben Elliot have shed their clothes for PETA, the animal rights organization.

three are on the new 24/7 Hulu reality show “If I Can Dream,” the brainchild of “American Idol” and So You Think You Can Dance” creator Simon Fuller and 19 Entertainment.

]]><![CDATA[if i can dream horizontal 'If I Can Dream' star Justin Gaston gets naked for PETA. Yes, Miley's exWe
are suddenly very (make that VERY) intrigued by “IICD”, which features five aspiring artists who try to make it in Hollywood while
the world watches them all day and all night, seven days a week. Just think, you get to watch Justin sleep, just like Miley used to.

60 cameras rolling 24/7, viewers watch as these contestants get
mentored by Fuller’s best managers and coaches and live their lives. They stay in the
house until they get a gig or a record
deal, and then they move out and another person moves in. It
could be
anyone in the world. Even you!

The young artists are Alex Lambert, an “American Idol” Season 9 contestant;
singer/songwriter Gaston, who appeared in Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” video and has already modeled for Armani; Kara Killmer, a drama student from Texas; former
model-turned-aspiring actor Elliott; and aspiring model

We just have one question. Could Justin move his hand a little bit so we can read what his tattoo says? Please? Maybe if we watch the series, all will be revealed…

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Photo credits: PETA

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead