lynsi torres in n out president americas youngest female billionaire innout In N Out president Lynsi Torres is America's youngest female billionaireLynsi Torres isn’t a name you know, but if you live on the west coast you certainly know her business. The 30-year-old mother of twins may not have a college degree, or management experience, but she is president of In-N-Out, a very popular burger chain.

According to Bloomberg, Torres became president of the company in 2010. She follows her grandfather Harry, uncle Rich, father Guy, and grandmother Esther in the role. She was given half ownership of the company on her 30th birthday, in 2012, and upon her 35th birthday will be awarded the other half. Her grandfather, Harry, started the company with his wife Esther in 1948. Originally it was a single burger stand in Baldwin Park, Cal. 
Even as America’s youngest female billionaire, not a lot is known about Torres. She keeps the details of her personal life exactly that: personal. She’s not a young heiress out at the club, partying the night away. She’s too busy taking care of her kids, and doing her job. There’s always room for a little fun, though. For Torres, that’s fun is her love of drag car racing. She’s an avid fan, even driving cars herself for the National Hot Rod Association. She’s currently in her third marriage, to Val Torres Jr, who shares her love of drag car racing.
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