in plain sight finale vid 'In Plain Sight' finale: Steven Weber returns for a priest and a dead stripperOn June 30, Steven Weber returns to “In Plain Sight” as Agent Mike Faber for the Season 3 ender, titled “A Priest Walks into a Bar.” Faber and Mary Shannon (Mary McCormack) join forces for a complicated case involving a priest who just won’t stay hidden.

The priest (played by guest star Joe Spano) is in WITSEC after witnessing the brutal murder of a stripper. He’s cool with abandoning his priesthood, but he’s obsessed with protecting the victim’s family and doesn’t want to sever ties.

Look, we just love the line, “You’re taking the word of a stripper on the lam!” but we’re a little concerned about the shoot-out afterward. This finale is sure to be a doozy — not only is Weber returning, but so is Lesley Ann Warren as Shannon’s mom, Jinx.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie