“Danica Patrick has the coolest car on this track!” Kelly Clarkson tweeted from the Indy 500, where she was in the house to perform. The race got off to a patriotic start on Sunday when David Foster, Clarkson, and Seal kicked off the day with a collaborative rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner.”

Clarkson and Foster went for simple looks in a little black dress and a sharp blazer respectively, while Seal took it up a notch with a neon yellow jacket that bared plenty of chest.

Foster, a Grammy Award winning composer and producers, accompanied them on the piano and introduced a bit of a beat to the song, adding a refreshing twist to the classic song. It wasn’t the version we’re used to singing along with, but it was certainly something new and different.

On Saturday, Clarkson shared the photo below of the trio at rehearsals for the performance. What did you think of the final product?

kelly clarkson indy500 Indianapolis 500: Kelly Clarkson and Seal perform the National Anthem with a David Foster twist

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie