While she has called herself the “hottest sports reporter in Mexico,” TV Azteca reporter Ines Sainz maintains that her attire on Saturday (Sept. 11) — tight jeans, a white shirt and black boots — should not be part of the current debate about whether or not she provoked the Jets antics.

“I don’t believe that my dress is the point of the discussion here,” she tells CNN’s Joy Behar in an exclusive interview. “I don’t do anything to provoke the teams or the players. I believe that I only go to work my job, and if the jeans are or aren’t in a way that they like, that’s not my problem.”

]]>Mark Sanchez. In addition to some suspicious overthrown passes that landed near her during practice, when she visited the locker room allegedly several players made catcalls and suggestive comments. Ines says that access to locker rooms is not as common in Mexico and Europe and that she was just focusing on her interviews and not looking down. While she did tweet that she was “dying of embarrassment,” Ines says she never felt attacked and that colleagues and other media seem to have heard more than she did about what was happening around her. Take a look at some video of Ines shot on Saturday and judge for yourself as to whether or not her attire was appropriate: NOTE: Ines Sainz should not be confused with another TV Azteca reporter, Ines Gomez Mont, who in 2008 showed up to a media day wearing a wedding dress and literally begged NFL quarterback Tom Brady to marry her. Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Zap2it

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