amy schumer inside amy schumer comedy central 'Inside Amy Schumer' review: Comedy Central's latest shows promise, but has room to growRight from frame one, “Inside Amy Schumer” lets you know exactly what sort of show it’s going to be. Pulling no punches and baring no pretense, the viewer is immediately treated to sketch in which two women are auditioning for the infamous “2 Girls 1 Cup” viral video, with an explanation as filthy (and censored) as you’d expect. The saving grace? It’s wickedly funny.

That’s creator and star, comedienne Amy Schumer, in a nutshell. A mainstay of the Comedy Central Roast scene, Schumer’s earned herself a reputation for embracing topics like sex, relationships and race in a way that’ll have you laughing before you can wonder if you really ought to be.

For her first foray into series television, Schumer has created a show that embraces her comedic persona, warts and all. “Inside Amy Schumer” which premiered April 30 on Comedy Central, is packed to the brim with every type of comedic scene: sketch, stand-up, man on the street, and a longer one-on-one interview. Some hit with a larger degree of success than others.

Schumer shines in the moments that allow her to be herself, as in the very funny segments on the streets of New York City or her interview with a random model. In these moments, as well as her stand-up bits, her winning quick wit is on display. It’s when the show ventures into sketch comedy (the aforementioned first sketch aside) that Schumer falters.

None of the sketches are truly awful, per se, but they do tend to drag on, often feeling like they’re never quite funny enough. This is especially evident in the sketch that mocks the type of tragic confessional shows one might find on TLC or Discovery. Schumer, along with two other men (including Michael Showalter), describe how they were able to endure in the face of death, with the joke being that Schumer’s character only faced pinot grigio on a plane when she asked for Chardonnay.

The sketch isn’t bad, it’s just not as tight or funny as it ought to be. But sketch comedy takes time and I’m loathe to judge a show like this solely by its pilot. There’s certainly room to grow, but there’s no saying Schumer and her writers won’t be able to. There’s more than enough that’s good in this half hour to warrant a little patience.

Will you be making “Inside Amy Schumer” a part of your routine?

Posted by:Billy Nilles