inside comedy season 3 finale bob saget 'Inside Comedy' Season 3 finale with Bob Saget, Kevin Pollak and Larry Miller“Inside Comedy,” the Showtime program that does in-depth interviews with comedians, wrapped its third season Monday (April 7) with interviews with Kevin Pollak, Bob Saget and Larry Miller. Here are some highlights:

Saget on his mother: “She has seen a lot of the stuff that I’ve done. She saw the HBO special that I did a couple years ago and was like, ‘You were very good!’ and it’s like, ‘What?!’ Now she’s a fan and I want to clean it all up and not curse.”

Miller shares an anecdote of his first “Tonight Show” appearance, when the store where he bought a new suit forgot to include the pants, so he’s running around backstage trying to figure out how not to go on stage in his underwear.

Pollak’s stand-up comedy debut was after his mom caught him lip-syncing along with Bill Cosby’s stand-up album and made him perform it at the Zucker’s passover dinner. He was 10 years old.

Miller’s second anecdote is about how early in his career he was hired to perform at the Iowa State Police Officers convention and he had to go on directly after a memorial for an office shot and killed in the line of duty. “The comic, who loves the performing and understands live performing, says, ‘Just keep going.’ It may not be the favorite show for you, but you’re still entertaining people.”

What did you think of the “Inside Comedy” finale?

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