insidious into the further halloween horror nights hollywood 'Insidious' at Halloween Horror Nights: Leigh Whannell, Angus Sampson and John Murdy go behind the scenes

With “Insidious: Chapter 2” dominating the box office, and a third part already in the works, of course the scary movie franchise makes a great addition to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood. That’s just what’s happening with “Insidious: Into the Further.”
The 2013 version of the event takes visitors into the Lambert house and through the vents of both “Insidious” and it’s sequel, giving them a real scare. Zap2it had the change to speak with John Murdy, the creative director behind Halloween Horror Nights, and stars of the movie Angus Sampson and Leigh Whannell, who also wrote it, about the experience.

Murdy says plans for the maze actually began during the 2012 Halloween Horror Nights when he got a call from “Insidious” director James Wan, who was visiting the event and wanted to be part of it.
From there, Universal Studious worked closely with the creative team from the movie to build a maze that not only matched the look of the film, but also the tone. “I don’t want to just walk into the maze and someone attacks you, because that’s not ‘Insidious’,” Murdy remembers Wan telling him. As such, the maze slowly builds the terror before delivering the fright. They do so through several techniques, including costumed actors, lighting effects and even smells. Watch out for that dead body smell, it’ll hit you hard.

Whannell and Sampson say that when they toured it, even without the actors inside, they found it truly scary. “It’s like a tour through the world of the films,” Whannell says, while Sampson adds that actual props from the film are used. “You can probably find Leigh or myself in there residing for the next six weeks, as we struggle to make ends meet,” he jokes.
Whannell, a fan of Halloween Horror Nights, is appreciative of seeing his words come to life for fans to experience, saying, “It starts as an idea on paper and you see the film get made and production designers building sets and that’s trippy. And to see something like this? It’s just an amazing added bonus, it’s incredible.”
Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights runs at both the Hollywood and Orlando parks through November 2.
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