inspector lewis ends 'Inspector Lewis' comes to an end ... probablyThe final episode of “Inspector Lewis” aired on PBS’ “Masterpiece Mystery” Sunday night (June 30), with the spinoff of “Inspector Morse” calling back to its predecessor in a lot of ways.

Sunday’s episode closed with Lewis (Kevin Whately) and his partner, James Hathaway (Laurence Fox), share a pint on the bank of the Thames — echoing a shot near the end of “Morse” with Whately and John Thaw. And with both Lewis and Hathaway leaving the police force at episode’s end, it seems like a pretty definitive end to the series.

But maybe not entirely definitive. Whately has been candid about wanting to step away from the character he’s played since 1987, but he told The Daily Beast in June that an occasional special could be in the offing for the future.

“I think we might, as we did with ‘Morse,’ do the odd one or two [specials], but I don’t want to go on spending six months each year filming it, and I don’t think Laurence does either,” Whately tells the site. “… I think it’s probably healthy if we do some, as ITV wants them, but not keep hammering them out.”

Posted by:Rick Porter