bradying Introducing Bradying, the new TebowingBy now you’re all acquainted with the Internet meme known as Tebowing, or crouching on the ground in a reverent pose so as to mimic Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow‘s signature “kneel and pray” move.

But after the Super Bowl, there’s a new sports-related meme sweeping the nation (and no, we’re not talking about Tom Brady‘s bangs, though having luxurious hair would definitely help): Bradying. To participate, clutch your hands together and look really sadly at the ground, much like the Patriots quarterback did after losing the Super Bowl, and take a picture. Send it to the website and voila! You’re a part of Internet history.
Not included: Going home to your hot supermodel wife and your giant mansion and millions of dollars.
Though we’re assuming Giants fans are behind this, we wouldn’t be surprised if some sad Pats fans got in on the act too.
Posted by:Jean Bentley