intruders premiere season 1 bbc america questions answers What is happening on 'Intruders'? 9 answers to Season 1 premiere questionsIf you tuned in to the series premiere of BBC America’s “Intruders,” chances are you had more than a few questions after the episode ended. From “What’s the deal with the number nine?” to “What is taking over those people?” to “Why is that little girl so creepy?” the cast and creator of “Intruders” know that the show begs for questions to be asked.

While we still don’t know some of the big answers to the mystery series, here are some answers about the show that should help you make sense of the pilot episode.
What is the deal with the possessions? Those aren’t aliens or demons taking over the bodies of various characters in “Intruders'” first episode, but rather other souls. Beyond that, we’re just as clueless.
Does that mean that religion is involved? “Intruders” “doesn’t reference any religion that exists,” says star James Frain. “It creates its own rules, which we buy within the confines of the story. It’s sort of almost like a completely new mythology.”

What is the goal of these souls? One word: Immortality. “It seems really complicated, but it isn’t,” leading man John Simm says. “In the end it’s quite a simple concept about immortality. There are so many strands in where it goes, and it affects everyone, really.”

When will I start understanding what’s happening? Episode 2. Says Mira Sorvino, “Whereas the first episode is very oblique in terms of how much information it gives you, I think the second one starts to ease you into a little more understanding of what’s going on, and a little bit more being with Jack as he’s on his journey of discovery of what the heck is going on with his wife, with this secret society, with Shepherd.”

Is Jack part of this whole weird conspiracy too? In a word, yes. He just doesn’t know it yet. “There’s definitely something that happened to him,” Simm teases. “But he doesn’t realize, and neither does the audience, that it’s going to come into play at all. But it eventually helps him. It’s a good thing he’s experienced that thing that happens in his past that I can’t tell you.” 

When will we get to learn more about Amy? “It goes really hard into our relationship in episode 3, so you will get to know Amy a lot better through the present — and flashbacks. As it goes along, you will see a lot of me,” Sorvino says. 
Is there something special about these specific people being selected? Frain says, “They’re chosen for a reason.” Simm elaborates: “It is quite simple; it’s the deja vu thing, the reincarnation thing. Everybody’s got it within them, everybody’s got potential to use whatever’s in them.”

If you read Michael Marshall Smith’s book “Intruders,” will the show make more sense? Probably not. “The end of episode 8 is the book, more or less,” Simm says of the Season 1 arc. The series expands on the book, so characters like Sorvino’s Amy Whelan have story arcs not touched upon in the novel. And when Season 2 rolls around, it’s anyone’s guess what will happen.

Will all the answers be given by the end of Season 1?
Heck no, says everyone involved. “Anything it could happen in Season 2. The possibilities are kind of endless, but really intriguing. It’s a real bomb dropped at the end of it,” says Sorvino. Simm adds, “It’s literally just the beginning. At the end of Season 1, you’re like, ‘Oh my god. So now what?’ We could go anywhere.”

“Intruders” airs Saturdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on BBC America.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz