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At a glance, Ireland Baldwin may seem to have everything going in her favor. After all, she’s the stunning daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, who just so happens to be a model. The 17-year-old has lived an interesting life though, and has no quarrels opening up about it. How could she? She’s a Baldwin.
In an interview with Elle, Baldwin tells the magazine that modeling was never something she envisioned for herself, but rather an idea that came from her mother, a former model herself. “I never thought of myself as a pretty girl,” she explains. While most of the world would likely disagree with her assessment, Ireland goes a bit deeper, explaining how she used to eat too much when she was upset. 
Of course, that would inevitably lead to her not liking what she sees in the mirror, as which point she would decide, “I’m not going to eat ever because I’m so mad about how my body looks.” The issues likely weren’t helped by the now-infamous voice mail her dad left, calling her a “rude, thoughtless little pig.”
Those days are in the past, though. She’s no good terms with both of her parents and has even been able to offer advice to those going through the same body image issues she did, via her online presence.
Ultimately her goal is to get into acting and performing, but the trappings of fame and celebrity don’t seem to be something she’s interested in. After seeing first-hand how her parents were scrutinized in the press, can you really blame her? At the very least, she seems to understand how fleeting it can be. “There’s always something new that’s going to come up and happen, and you’re history,” she says. “In the end — this is going to sound dark — in the end you’re going to die, and all those photos never mattered.”
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