Meryl-Streep.jpgOscar winner Meryl Streep is arguably the best actress of her generation. She’s proving it again in the new trailer for ‘The Iron Lady’ from The Weinstein Company. Streep plays the first, and only, female British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

Streep seems to be channeling the former world leader in the new trailer, which highlights how hard she had to fight to be accepted into the boys club that is the ruling party of Great Britain.

So, will the film get a Best Picture Oscar this year? Well, that’s debatable. Though “The Iron Lady” is getting a ton of wonderful press and Meryl will surely be up for Best Actress, The Weinstein Company (the people behind the successful Oscar campaign for last year’s winner, “The King’s Speech”) is pushing its other film “The Artist” harder. Either way, the trailer looks pretty darn fantastic. Plus, it has Meryl Streep in it. How could we possibly resist?

Posted by:jbusch