iron man 3 comic con 'Iron Man 3' filming resumes after Robert Downey Jr.'s ankle injuryGood news, Marvel fans — “Iron Man 3” filming has begun again in Miami, which is serving as a stand-in for Malibu, after being suspended for several weeks. Entertainment Weekly reports that onlookers saw Iron Man Don Cheadle’s character Rhodey, a.k.a.
War Machine.

War Machine’s suit is constructed of red, white, and blue armor, and resembles the Iron Patriot character from the Marvel universe. The duo seems to be in Malibu because that’s where Stark’s second (or third, or fourth) home is located.

Shooting was shut down on August 16 to give Robert Downey Jr. a chance to nurse an ankle injury that he incurred on set. Despite the long break, Marvel says that May 3 is still the release date for the latest film in the “Avengers” franchise.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie