robert downey jr iron man 3 sequels gi 'Iron Man 3' star Robert Downey Jr. talks more sequels: 'The future is uncertain'

With “Iron Man 3” arriving on the big screen soon, the immediate question is, “When will the next one come out?” Robert Downey Jr., Iron Man himself, admits that he doesn’t have a contract in place for more movies beyond the third installment, and isn’t sure how long he could continue to do the genre films.
When asked Monday (April 22) at a press conference if he’s been locked down for a second “Iron Man” trilogy, Downey dodged the question. “I’m not at liberty to discuss that,” he jokes, adding, “The future, as usual, is uncertain and I think the great thing is that we never could have known what and who was going to come together for the third ‘Iron Man,’ and usually the third of anything struggles to meet the first two, let alone the first one.”
Downey did give a vague answer though, saying, “In all earnestness, things are very much in flux right now and Marvel has their plans, and we’re all living and growing and we’ll see what happens.”
“The Avengers 2,” which would presumably feature Downey’s character in a lead role, is currently scheduled to begin production in February 2014, for a Summer 2015 release. Once again, Joss Whedon will be directing.
“Iron Man 3” will be in theaters May 3.
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