Will NBC’s target demographic of adults 18-49 watch remake of a show whose original version aired before the majority of that demographic was born? Will it help if said remake stars Blair Underwood?

Those questions will be answered come fall, when NBC debuts a remake of the 1960s-70s cop drama “Ironside.” It stars Underwood (“The Event,” “In Treatment”) as Robert Ironside, a New York City detective who was paralyzed while on duty and now leads a team of detectives who work some of the city’s highest-profile cases.

The trailer hits all the cop-show marks — Ironside clashes with his superiors! He’s a maverick! His team is unconventional, but they get results! — but Underwood is undeniably charismatic in the lead role. The cast also includes Pablo Schreiber, Spencer Grammer, Brent Sexton and Kenneth Choi.

“Ironside” is set to air at 10 p.m. ET Wednesdays on NBC in the fall. Does the trailer make you want to watch?

Posted by:Rick Porter