NBC has canceled “Community” after five seasons. But that does not necessarily mean the end for this culty comedy. Production studio Sony can still try to find its comedy on a new home. Whether cable or a streaming service, “Community” might live to paintball another day! notes in its cancellation article that Sony will be trying to sell the show to either cable or the Internet, with the idea of at least one more season in that new home. There’s even a chance for the fabled “and a movie” as well if such a deal goes through.

The most likely locations for such a deal may be those channels where “Community” can already be found. Hulu owns the streaming rights for the show, while Comedy Central bought “Community” for syndication. Either place might end up being a good home.

A sixth season isn’t likely to happen right away though. The still rare occurrences of a show moving to a new home often experience delays. “Arrested Development” — a comedy with a life story similar to that of “Community” — only moved to Netflix after several years and countless rumors about a movie or new season. Abed’s beloved “Cougar Town” had to take itself on a national tour before TBS picked up the series after it was dropped by ABC. Even “The Killing” had to wait a bit for its Netflix revival.

In the meantime, the only certainty is that “Community” fans aren’t likely to give up quickly.

Six seasons and a movie!

Posted by:Laurel Brown