bones season 9 david boreanaz leaving seeley booth fox Is David Boreanaz leaving 'Bones' after Season 9?

“Bones” may be coming to its end. Rumors indicate that star David Boreanaz will leave the long-running FOX procedural after the current Season 9.

According to a source quoted by Radar Online, Boreanaz — who plays male lead Seeley Booth — has begun planning to quit the show when the season ends in the spring of 2014. “David is telling friends that it’s his last season,” a source close to the show claimed. That same source also confirmed that this is not a negotiating tactic but a true choice to move on from the series.

This is not a new rumor for “Bones.” Shortly after Season 7 — in June 2012 — Boreanaz tweeted about a “Bones farewell tour,” terrifying fans that the actor was planning to leave the show before the next season. He didn’t though and later committed to staying on the show through Season 9.

It’s Season 9 now. That might just be it for Boreanaz. Interestingly, the Radar Online source indicates that Boreanaz’s co-star, Emily Deschanel, would be willing to continue to Season 10, even without Booth around. The question then becomes about how that would even work.

There are plenty of signs that “Bones” may be looking for a planned ending at some point in the not-too-distant future. After years and years of romantic tension, pining and finally coming together, Booth and Brennan are set to marry during the Oct. 21 episode of the current season. Fans are unlikely to accept a divorce or separation after all this time, so that wedding counts as end-game.

Whatever the case, things are going well on “Bones” for now. The show airs new episodes Mondays at 8 p.m. on FOX.

Posted by:Laurel Brown