snookie deena tca getty Is 'Jersey Shore' fake? Here's new evidence.Listen, we all know reality TV isn’t exactly “real” in the normal sense of the word. It’s hard to live your life like no one’s watching when there are cameras in your face at all times.

Still, it’s easy to accept that the situations reality stars find themselves in are at least a little bit organic — people just wait to have specific conversations or make plans with friends until the cameras are rolling. Fine.

But this video, in which an intrepid TV viewer dissects a “Jersey Shore” scene he feels is obviously staged, is pretty damning evidence that some parts of the show are straight-up faked. The scene in question features Deena and Snooki getting into a fight at the club, but our host posits that it’s actually a producer who throws ice on the meatballs, manufacturing the entire conflict. Scandal!
Watch for yourself (the relevant part starts about a minute in) and weigh in: Was the scene faked? And even if it was, do you care?

Posted by:Jean Bentley