josh hamilton chewing tobacco Is Josh Hamilton chewing tobacco again after a year clean?

Los Angeles Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton seems to have fallen back on baseball’s bad habit. A year after announcing he’d quit chewing tobacco, Hamilton was spotted doing just that during a strength and conditioning workout.

The Los Angeles Times describes the incident, as well as Hamilton’s resistance to the subject. The paper writes that Hamilton “took a small wad of chewing tobacco out of his mouth and flung it to the floor” after the practice, but when asked about it simply responded, “No comment.”

After quitting chewing tobacco in 2012 Hamilton had something of a slump on the field, but he recently seemed to be getting back in the swing of things. The Times pressed that maybe his return to chewing tobacco had something to do with his improved baseball skills, but Hamilton didn’t appreciate the implication.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he tells the paper. “It could be anything. It could be one of those protein bars. Is this really a story? … Write about what you see.”

Of course, Hamilton previously replaced chewing tobacco with another addiction that didn’t serve him well on the baseball diamond: caffeine. He missed some games last September because he had vision problems caused by too much caffeine consumption.

“When I stopped dipping, I didn’t realize I was drinking more coffee,” he said at the time. “I’d have an energy drink before a game and a Mountain Dew after it. My caffeine intake went way up. I was overstimulated.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz