kirk cameron buzzfeed 1 Is Kirk Cameron 'unnatural'?: Buzzfeed's pictorial evidenceAccording to devout evangelical Christian and former sitcom star Kirk Cameron, homosexuality is “unnatural.” He said so on CNN and as recently as Tuesday (March 6) stood by his comments, accusing critics of using “hate speech” against him.

Buzzfeed has an alternate definition of unnatural — a definition embodied in a series of teen mag pictures compiled by the site of Cameron from his 1980’s career climax when he starred on TV’s “Growing Pains.”

We weighed the evidence and think Buzzfeed makes a more persuasive case despite Cameron’s contention that his views “have been the underpinning of Western civilization for 2,000 years.”

Once you see him sporting sporting yellow slacks and a red tank top topped with white suspenders, playing a mini sax or cooking with a — GASP! —  serpent slung around his neck, we think you’ll agree.

kirk cameron buzzfeed 2 Is Kirk Cameron 'unnatural'?: Buzzfeed's pictorial evidence

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson