heather graham flowers in the attic lifetime Is Lifetime's 'Flowers in the Attic' sequel seriously bringing back Heather Graham?It’s pretty clear to anyone who is a fan of watching television and who tuned in to Lifetime’s “Flowers in the Attic” adaptation that the weakest link in that whole entertaining but slightly boring movie (which, like, it’s about incest so how does that even happen) was Heather Graham.

She’s a lovely-looking lady, seems like she’s probably a lovely person, but she is most definitely not a very good actor. In smaller parts? Yep, she totally shines. But boy was she ever completely ill-equipped to pull off the role of Stepford Wife-turned-child torturer Corinne in Lifetime’s adaptation of the V.C. Andrews book. Her TV daughter, Kiernan Shipka, acted circles around her, and Shipka’s only 14.

A whopping 79 percent of the people who voted in our poll agreed that Graham’s acting was far worse than the abominable wigs they stuck on poor, angelic Shipka, and those wigs were super terrible.

So why on Earth would Lifetime think it’s a good idea to recast the kids but bring back Graham for the already-in-the-works sequel, “Petals on the Wind”? Come on, if you’re aging up the kids (as they are in the book), it’s the perfect opportunity to age up their mom, too!

EW reports that Graham and Ellen Burstyn have just signed deals to return, and Dylan Bruce is likely coming back too. Burstyn can stay, because she’s perfect. And we guess it’s pretty cool that “Orphan Black’s” Hot Paul can come back as Corinne’s husband, but man. It just feels like a missed opportunity to get rid of Graham.

Posted by:Jean Bentley