so you think you can dance nigel lythgoe twitter cancellation fox Is 'So You Think You Can Dance' in trouble? Nigel Lythgoe tweets for support

“So You Think You Can Dance” may have a questionable future on FOX. Although Season 11 of the competition series will not begin until late May, executive producer and chief judge Nigel Lythgoe has already taken to Twitter to drum up support.

Without it, it sounds like the show could be ending this summer.

Lythgoe’s first tweet on Monday (April 28) got straight to the point.

Ever the conscientious executive, Lythgoe followed up with the pertinent details about when fans should show their support.

Finally, it looks like Lythgoe got at least the initial support he had wanted — he thanked those who had already tweeted and reminded them to keep it up.

Does this really mean that “So You Think You Can Dance” could be on the FOX chopping block? It’s a tough question, seeing as the program always has a limited summer run when the network typically has little else on (though that is changing this summer). And with the stars being hopeful dancers plucked from obscurity, “SYTYCD” is likely one of the network’s cheapest programs.

Ratings are key though, so Lythgoe and the show’s fans will probably have to wait until Wednesday, May 28 for the “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 11 premiere.

Posted by:Laurel Brown