duff mckagan duffman Is 'The Simpsons' beer is named after Duff McKagan from Guns N' Roses?

Mmmm. Can’t get enough of that wonderful Duff (McKagan)? 

Duff Beer, the imaginary Springfield microbrew known for inciting Homer Simpson’s delightful shenanigans, comes in many varieties: Duff Light, Duff Dry, Lady Duff, Tartar Control Duff. But where did the name come from?

Was it inspired by the act of drinking beers and sitting on your duff? Was it a play on “Bud” and other similarly monosyllabic beer names? Both of these theories have been shot out of the water by former Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan.

McKagan claims in his newly released autobiography, “It’s So Easy (And Other Lies),” that “The Simpsons” approached him about using his name for their sudsy concotion.

“I was known as a big drinker…Duff ‘The King of Beers’ McKagan…a production company working on a new animated series called me to ask if they could use the name ‘Duff’ for a brand of beer in the show…I laughed and said of course, no problem…Little did I know that the show would become ‘The Simpsons’ and that within a few years, I would start to see Duff Beer glasses and gear everywhere we toured.”

One wonders how seriously to take the claims of a man who titled his autobiography “And Other Lies.” Not to mention corporate spokesdude Duffman is more jock than rock. However, this may go down as one of the great mysteries of Springfield like, for example, where the hell IS Springfield?!

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