Today’s cuppa: not-exactly-morning coffee (last night was New Year’s Eve, of course)

Thumbnail image for 0_61_320_gutfeld1_newer.jpgLast night, during Fox News’ New Year’s Eve coverage, roving street correspondent Greg Gutfeld, who’s also the host of the late-night FNC comedy/news roundtable show “RedEye W/Greg Gutfeld,” caught up in New York City’s Times Square with Old Spice spokesman Isaiah Mustafa, who made a memorable appearance on NBC’s “Chuck” last fall (and, according to him, will be in an episode of NBC’s upcoming “Love Bites”).

Gutfeld asked him about his on-screen flirtation with conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter — whom Mustafa affectionately referred to as “The Coultergeist” — which began during this April 2010 appearance on “RedEye,” when Mustafa specifically asked to take a moment34375876.jpg to say hello to Coulter, who seemed delighted to return the greeting.

As far as I know, Mustafa has not been on “RedEye” in a while — Coulter is still a frequent visitor — but perhaps he will return soon after chatting with Gutfeld last night.

I caught up with Mustafa last August on the “Chuck” set and asked him about Coulter.

“Oh, Ann’s great,”
he said. “She’s great, funny. I like Ann. I call her the Coultergeist, because she haunts me.”

His first “RedEye” encounter with Coulter took place when he was in a remote location, but he said at “Chuck” that he’d been on the show twice in studio — but neither time with Coulter.

isaiah-mustafa-comic-con-large-gi.jpg“Every time I go there,” said Mustafa, “I say, ‘Greg,’ what’s going on? We’ve got to keep my flirtation with Ann alive.’ He’s like, ‘I’m sorry.’ He’ll said, ‘We’ll get it.’ I gave him that ‘Coultergeist’ line. He goes, ‘Oooh, that’s good. I’ll use it.'”

After talking to Mustafa, I sought an email response from Gutfeld, who wrote, “He’s funny, smart and gets the show. My guess is, in two years, he’ll be one of the biggest stars on the planet, and he won’t remember me.”

Regarding the Mustafa/Coulter flirtation — which appears to be just all in good fun — Gutfeld wrote, “Things like that happen all the time on our show. The flirtation was much worse between GWAR’s Oderus Urangus and (conservative columnist) S.E. Cupp.”

With no action on this front in months, maybe Gutfeld’s appearance with Mustafa on New Year’s Eve will bring about the long-awaited Mustafa-Coulter joint appearance on “RedEye.”

As FNC’s Neil Cavuto always says about Fox Business Network, “If you don’t get it .. demand it!”

Posted by:Kate O'Hare