top chef dc padma lakshmi tom colicchio 320 'Top Chef: DC': It's a small world after allQuickfire Challenge: Marcus Samuelsson comes in to judge a competition where everyone has to cook an Ethiopian dish. Just about everyone cooks either lamb or goat, but Angelo has the edge because he used to work in an Ethiopian restaurant.

The bottom three dishes belong to Kevin, Stephen, and Alex. The favorites are Amanda (!), Angelo, and Tiffany. Even Amanda is shocked that she was in the top three. The winner is Tiffany. Yay! Not Angelo! She gets immunity for the Elimination Challenge.

Elimination Challenge: Each chef’testant chooses a country, and has to cook that cuisine for an audience of a hundred diplomats, some of whom are from the countries chosen. And they won’t be able to cook on-site, because they’ll only have Sternos to keep the food warm. Here are the dishes:

Tiffany chooses Mexico and makes chicken tamales with queso fresco and tomatillo sauce. The judges think it looks and tastes authentic. Go, Tiffany! I’m really rooting for her now.

Kelly chooses Italy and makes beef Carpaccio with spring vegetable salad and Parmigiano-Reggiano. The judges like the simplicity.

Amanda chooses France and makes beef bourguignon with pommes fourchette and horseradish mousse. She knows when serving that it’s not great. The judges wonder why she cut the beef so small, which she did because she thought the beef was overcooked.

Kenny chooses Thailand and makes tamarind-braised pork with rice noodle salad and Thai green curry. The judges think it was subtle but tasty.

Alex chooses Spain and makes braised veal with red wine sauce, olive and tomato salad, and a jamon torta. The judges think the dish is unfocused and bland.

Angelo chooses Japan and makes sashimi of tuna ribbons with avocado and candied wasabi and soy infusion. The judges think it’s got good flavors but the flavor of the fish is masked.

Kevin chooses India and he makes stewed chicken with leek and parsnip puree, mango and cucumber salad, and lentils. It’s the first time he’s made Indian food. The judges like the flavors and the aroma.

Ed chooses China and makes tea-smoked duck breast with crispy pot stickers in Szechuan jus. He claims he knows about China because he’s had Chinese girlfriends. Okay. The judges like the flavors.

Stephen gets stuck with Brazil and makes marinated flank steak in a chimichurri sauce with black beans, and rice. He fully admits he knows nothing about Brazil. The judges think the rice isn’t cooked properly and aren’t sure it really represents Brazil.

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