natasha lyonne orange is the new black emmy misfits 'Orange Is The New Black's' Natasha Lyonne on being Emmy misfitsThere is no doubt about it — the “Orange Is The New Black” cast are the darlings of award season.

No matter what show they attend, they look flawless on the carpet and just really appear to be having the best time ever while doing it. This cast gives true meaning to the whole “being happy just to be invited to the party” saying because they are definitely having the time of their lives and the energy is crazy infectious.

Zap2it got a chance to chat with Natasha Lyonne (Nicky), who spoke about her unique cast mates fitting in at these sometimes stuffy awards gatherings.

“It’s really pretty fun. First of all it feels like we have some crazy chain gang going or something. All of us showing up in the room. We are not typical cardboard cutouts of what one would think an actress should be. I’m not even sure how that got so twisted in the first place over the year,s because really that’s not our job, to be models. As it stands, we’re just not like the usual suspects,” Lyonne tells Zap2it and a handful of journalists.

Lyonne says the cast of the hit Netflix series finds fans everywhere, “When we roll in like six or eight of us, we’re all very different and we’re pretty well handled in the personality department. So we show up with our cell phones and we just kind of run around and everybody is so nice to us. Everyone wants to take pictures with us, all these people that are mind bogglingly famous and talented and they are all really excited to see us. So it’s really fun,” she explains.

The actress expresses she enjoys being a part of something in the new frontier of Television and loves how she and the cast redefine beauty saying, “We’re all just there doing it our way. To be rewarded for that, it’s so powerful and deep. I don’t think any actress worth her bones is thrilled it’s become her job to be a size zero and get botox for a living. I think for everybody,, we are all excited that this is being so well received culturally.”

The votes are officially in and we can’t wait to see what accolades the dynamic “Orange Is The New Black” cast takes home at the 66th Emmy Awards airing Aug. 25 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins