It’s the most highly-anticipated episode of “Oprah”: the talk show host’s Favorite Things, is set to air Friday, Nov. 19, and judging by the audience reaction, it’s going to be the biggest one ever.

]]>“We had a couple of paramedics on standby because this audience — I’ve seen a lot over the years, but I’ve never seen people act like that,” Oprah says in an interview with ABC News. For the big event, she’s turning the studio into her own version of the North Pole, which includes snow, interactive toys and gingerbread houses. Also included? The Black Eyed Peas coming out of a snow globe. Oprah, who is calling this the ultimate Favorite Things episode (“This is the ultimate because we will never pass this way again”), won’t give away any of the gifts in store for the audience, but hints one has to do with rock-climbing, another is inspired by her “love sandwich,” and one has been 25 years in the making.

The audience is filled with people who Oprah considers “heroes.” “Local people and people from out of town who were handpicked because they were givers and believe in giving back,” says Oprah. “So today they got the ultimate giveback for themselves.”

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