iyanla vanzant oprah interview Iyanla Vanzant returns to Oprah: From millionaire to 'working class poor'

Former “Oprah Winfrey Show” advice guru Iyanla Vanzant returned to the series for the second installment of her interview with her former mentor — and it wasn’t nearly as funny as her last appearance.

With the bad blood behind them, the two turned discussion to Vanzant’s downward spiral after leaving the series, which included divorce, bankruptcy and the death of her daughter.

She admits to Oprah that she even considered suicide, explaining she hit a point where she held two options in her hands: “Am I going to take these pills or am I going to shoot myself?”

Now she’s just living a much more modest life at a small home in Maryland. “Not so long ago, I was a multimillion-dollar-earning author, and I lived in a big house,” she says. “But now I live in a less affluent area with a less prestigious home… I rent instead of own. I shop at Wal-Mart. I do a lot of my own cooking. I have a new normal.”

But she’s still optimistic, and hints that the future holds a rebound for her. “I wouldn’t say that I’m broke, I’d say that I’m working class poor,” she says. “I put my child in the ground, I can do anything for a little while. This ain’t permanent.”

Don’t hold your breath for Oprah to bring her on board at OWN, though. After asking the talk show host for help and insisting that she wants to have a renewed relationship with her, Oprah just smiled, plugged her book and closed the show.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell