jacksonville jaguars nike elite 51 Jacksonville Jaguars unveil new Nike Elite 51 uniforms

When the National Football League agreed to a five-year deal, making Nike their supplier of on-field apparel, new uniforms didn’t take long. Previously Reebok was licensed for the clothing, but their 10-year contract came to an end.
The Seattle Seahawks got a very different look from their Nike uniform, dubbed Elite 51, which they wore during the 2012 season. Nike called the new uniforms “a fully integrated system of dress for athletes at the highest level.” The Seahawks are now joined by the Jacksonville Jaguars, who unveiled their redesigned Elite 51 uniforms Tuesday (April 23).
The new uniform is black with gold and teal accents and a military-style patch over the heart, reading “Jags.” The shoulders of the uniform feature stylized claw marks, while the helmet is two-tone, with gold fading into matte black. White and teal alternate versions of the uniform were also unveiled.
“These new uniforms leave no doubt about our brand essence of being proud, bold and committed,” says team owner Shahid Khan, “I believe our new look will energize and inspire both our players and fans. It’s clearly a new era for the Jacksonville Jaguars.” Khan purchased the team in 2012, and following that season, where the Jaguars went 2-14, he hired a new general manager and head coach.
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