james will you 'American Idol': James Durbin is the front runner thanks to 'Will You Love Me Tomorrow'Finally, a Season 10 “American Idol” contestant has a moment. You know, a moment where they are so in the zone, everything is falling into place and you look down and see you have goosebumps.

So who had a moment on Wednesday, Apr. 27, during the Top 6 show? Why, it would be the show’s resident rocker (and front runner) James Durbin.

Instead of going with some of his recent flashy tricks — flaming pianos, marching bands, etc. — Durbin decided his only accessories for his performance of “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” would be his voice and his guitar. In his pre-performance package, Durbin said, “I believe I can put on just as big of a show just being myself.”

Man, was he right. James’ performance was absolutely breathtaking and left us with goosebumps. In a brave (and risky) move, Durbin started out a cappella for the entire first verse before transitioning into a more hard rock feel. While we absolutely loved the performance as a whole, the first verse is probably the best singing we’ve heard on “Idol” this season. We repeat: Goosebumps!

The judges seemed to agree with us. Steven Tyler said his usual crazy-but-positive- comment, while Jennifer Lopez finally pointed out the obvious — James has been the only contestant to be consistently good every single week. She also dubbed him the best of the night. Randy Jackson declared, “This guy might win the whole thing!”

Welcome to the club, Captain Obvious Randy. Welcome the the club.

What did you think of Durbin’s performance, Zappers? Do you think he’s going to win the whole thing? Sound off in the comments.

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