james franco yale twitter James Franco unleashes the fury on Yale classmate, drops the F bomb on TwitterIf it’s Kanye West the Twitterverse wants — then James Franco will deliver.

Franco is dropping the F-bomb at a fellow Yale student after she wrote an article titled “Franco, #getittogether”in reference to his Twitter account which, according to the student, “sort of sucks.”

“I would usually never berate someone for tweeting inadequately, because that would be hypocritical — but James Franco is not just some rando on Twitter,” the article states. “He’s a Celebrity Tweeter, which deserves all caps and necessitates a higher quality of meaningless, incessant electronic communication.”

Continuing, “Nothing approaching the gold standard set by even a single Kanye ‘I just threw some kazoo on this b***’ West tweet.”

While there’s only one Kanye, Franco fired back in appropriate fashion with a photo of himself and the words, “F*** the Yale Daily News” written over it.

Poor girl, if the article is any indication she obviously is crushing on the actor just a little bit. We’re not sure if she should be happy he knows she exists, or horrified that he’s directing F-bombs at her. 

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci