james franco 36th birthday video gi James Franco's 36th birthday: Celebrate with videos of the busy actor's life

James Franco celebrates his 36th birthday on Saturday, April 19. In the years since his birth in 1978, Franco has kept busy acting, writing, studying and more. Videos of his work show just how busy he is.

Since there is pretty much no way to celebrate every aspect of Franco’s diverse and busy life, here are but a few samples, focusing on the actor’s TV credits.

Franco didn’t exactly start out in a position of acting glory. His first gig was in a 1990s Pizza Hut commercial starring none other than Elvis Presley.

In case you missed it, Franco is one of the guys at the beginning joking about Elvis.

Shortly afterward, Franco’s first big break came in “Freaks and Geeks.” He played the head Freak, Daniel Desario.

Perhaps Franco’s most notorious role is that of Franco, a troubled artist on the soap opera, “General Hospital.”

Franco appeared on 54 episodes over a several year period.

It’s not all drama for Franco though. He also appeared on the “Klaus and Greta” episode of “30 Rock.” He played himself. He had a body pillow.

One of Franco’s most recent TV appearances was on “The Mindy Project” Season 2 premiere, where he played Dr. Paul Leotard for two episodes.

Happy Birthday, you busy man!

Posted by:Laurel Brown