poppy montgomery james gandolfini 550 nc James Gandolfini was 'lovely,' recalls 'Unforgettable's' Poppy Montgomery

James Gandolfini was unforgettable, according to another television star who knows of that trait.
“I met him at the Emmys, I believe it was, one year,” Poppy Montgomery tells Zap2it, “when I presented with Anthony [LaPaglia, Montgomery’s longtime ‘Without a Trace’ co-star]. It’s devastating, his passing. What a great talent and a lovely human being.
“All I’ve ever heard from people who worked with him on ‘The Sopranos’ was how extraordinary he was,” Montgomery adds, noting that “a lot” of the crew on her New York-based CBS series “Unforgettable” — which returns for its delayed Season 2 on Sunday, July 28 — also worked on Gandolfini’s HBO underworld-family drama.
“It’s a very small world here,” Montgomery reports. “Everybody knows everybody in terms of productions and shows. My makeup artist also worked on ‘The Sopranos’ with him for almost the whole run of the show. People are so saddened. [His death] is terrible. I still don’t think I’ve really wrapped my head around it.”
Production of “Unforgettable,” about a police detective with remarkable visual recall, has relocated to Manhattan for the series’ second round. The logistics of getting around the borough can get complicated, but nearly a month into filming, Montgomery says she hasn’t had to worry about that.
“For me, it’s easy. Everyone takes care of me, and they get me from Point A to Point B. I don’t really have to deal with that, so I think it’s a delight. I’m like, ‘Wow, this is fabulous!’ I imagine that for production, though, it’s challenging.
“It’s a big city with a lot of people and limited space, which always means logistical difficulty,” Montgomery allows, “but I don’t suffer that. I just get to enjoy the great energy and the beauty of the city. And how it looks on film, which I love.”
Gandolfini passed away Wednesday (June 19) after suffering an apparent heart attack while visiting Italy.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin