james van der beek aliens in the family tgif Watch James Van Der Beek in a bizarre TGIF sitcom 'Aliens in the Family'Okay, so you probably won’t remember this project out of the many credits on James Van Der Beek’s resume, but it’s pretty awesome and you’ll want to watch it. Once upon a time, before “Dawson’s Creek,” Van Der Beek had a bit part on the strange TGIF sitcom “Aliens in the Family.”

The man who would later be known as Dawson guest stars in an episode of the short-lived show, which was pulled from the TGIF lineup after two episodes. The series was about the blended family of an alien mom and earthling dad, and Van Der Beek played the unfortunate date of the family’s teenage daughter.

Needless to say, he was not impressed with the siblings, three of whom were puppets created by the Jim Henson Company (whom we have to thank for releasing this clip, which was subsequently dug up by Variety).

Posted by:Jean Bentley