jamie oliver abc 'Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution' hits L.A.: What did you think?

“Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” is back for its second season and judging from the first episode, which aired on Tuesday, Apr. 12, it’s not going to be a cakewalk. 
Last season, Oliver tried to change the eating habits of the citizens of the United States’ most unhealthy town — Huntington, West Virginia. This season, he decided to aim higher. Much higher: Los Angeles.
Unfortunately for Oliver, he hit an immediate roadblock — the Los Angeles Unified School District denied him access to the schools. Instead, he opened a kitchen to teach kids and parents about better lunch alternatives.
In the premiere episode, we see Oliver at school board meetings, trying to meet with the Head of Food Services and the Director of Communications, but he keeps receiving the brush-off. It seems like the board of education will not be letting Oliver into the schools any time soon.

Other than the schools, Oliver is also taking a look at Los Angeles’ fast food. Unfortunately, all of the big chains also shut Oliver out, so he took a look at independent chain Petra’s Burgers. The owner was reluctant to make any changes to his menu as it would cost his business more and he just really didn’t seem to care about offering healthier food.
His two demonstrations in the episode included filling an entire school bus with sugar that’s in a week’s worth of flavored milk consumed at L.A. schools (57 tons — gross!) and using a live cow to show where meat used in the the schools comes from.

Clearly, L.A. is proving much more difficult that Huntington. What did you think of Jamie Oliver taking his fight against obesity to L.A.? Will you be tuning in next week?

Posted by:tbricker