japanese restaurant fines you if you dont finish meal goldrush Japanese restaurant fines customers who don't finish their meal

Normally, if you don’t clean your plate at a restaurant, you can just get the rest of your meal boxed to take home. One restaurant in Japan has another idea: If you don’t finish your meal, you have to pay a fine. Hachikyo, a seafood restaurant in Sapporo, Japan’s fourth-largest city, has an item on their menu that won’t be served, unless the customer agree to the rule.
The item is called “tsukko meshi,” according to Rocket News, and is a bowl of rice, piled high with salmon roe. If you don’t finish every last grain of rice, you are required to give a donation. The restaurant reasons that conditions for the fishermen catching the salmon are so dangerous, lives have been lost in the past. To show their gratitude, they don’t allow one bite to be uneaten.
There’s no word on the size of the donation, but a waitress at the restaurant claims that an unfinished bowl of tsukko meshi is a rarity. The meal costs the equivalent of about $20, but according to the reviewer, you get your money’s worth and then some. Plus, you get an interesting story to tell.
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