Physically speaking, Jared Leto is as close to perfection as one could get. However, we have to admit the beard he has been growing since the Oscars has gotten a little too bushy.

It seems we aren’t the only ones that were longing for a more baby-faced Leto, as host Jimmy Fallon asked the “30 Seconds to Mars” singer if he could trim the beard down a bit on the singer’s recent “Tonight Show” (Aug. 20) appearance and Leto indulged him, admitting it was probably best — Leto says he’s been getting resurrection requests from people due to his resemblance to Jesus Christ.

The look on Leto’s face when Fallon whips out a smock and shears and goes to town on the actor’s beard is priceless. Check out the video of the trim job above, and may we just say on behalf of fans everywhere — thank you, Jimmy.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins