stephen amell jared padalecki baby mavi cw Jared Padalecki steals Stephen Amell's baby for a photo op

How did “Supernatural” star Jared Padalecki end up holding Stephen Amell‘s baby daughter, Mavi? It remains a mystery, but the “Arrow” star at least posted some adorable photos to show the baby-sharing.

On Saturday (Feb. 8), Amell posted an interesting photo to his Twitter account.

You’d think that Padalecki would be content to look adorable with his own kids. But sharing this extra cuteness is cool too.

Fortunately for the family, Amell managed to get his baby back by Sunday (Feb. 9). The actor posted an Instagram picture from Texas, featuring both a baby and a bottle — which is presumably not for the baby.

Maybe Amell will share his baby with another hot CW star soon — this could be an excellent meme!

Posted by:Laurel Brown