jason hervey kurt sutter sons of anarchy gi Jason Hervey: 'Sons of Anarchy's' Kurt Sutter thinks he's 'Moses of the MC community'

“Sons of Anarchy” creator Kurt Sutter had a little bit of a Twitter run in with some of the cast of Discovery’s “The Devils Ride” starting on Feb. 10, but in the end the two sides were able to find peace. One person still isn’t over it, though.
“The Devils Ride” executive producer Jason Hervey appeared on “FOX and Friends” Wednesday (Feb. 19) to discuss the show and talk naturally shifted to Sutter’s Twitter comments. “We were partially flattered that he was writing about us, because we have so much respect for Kurt and we have so much respect for the talented actors and actresses that are on that show,” he says. “It’s one of my favorite one-hour dramas.”
Of course, it wasn’t all positive though, as Hervey continues, “He thinks he’s … I call him the Moses of the MC community, cause he thinks he has some type of proprietorship over any show that involves motorcycles.”
According to Hervey, the current season of “The Devils Ride” is “very authentic” due to the inclusion of what he claims are legitimate outlaw bikers. “For him, of all times, to make a comment about the authenticity of it,” Hervey says. “You know, wrong season to do that. And he’s never even spent a minute on our set.”

Hervey admits that he’s not an expert on the MC world, but that he respects it. “That is what it comes down to, in that world respect is everything and he showed disrespect,” he explains.
For Sutter’s part, he seems to have found common ground with and respect for those on “The Devils Ride” that he disagreed with. On Feb. 14, Sutter tweeted, “Me and Chuck @TDRAdvisor are all good. Let’s stop the ‘TDR’ hate,” which was followed by, “Just remember, the producers are always the douchebags with the big mouths, not the guys in front of the camera. But you already knew that.”

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