jason mewes todd book Jason Mewes's next chapter: 'Todd and the Book of Pure Evil'Jason Mewes has hardly been off-the-radar since his days as one half of the indie pop culture duo Jay and Silent Bob (“Clerks,” “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”). He hosts a weekly podcast and a live comedy show with his BFF, director Kevin Smith. He’s also, according to IMDB, got 10 movies in various states of production.

On Tuesday (Aug. 2), Mewes makes his debut as a high school custodian/sage on FEARnet HD’s “Todd and the Book of Pure Evil.” The show follows high school stoner Todd Smith (Alex House), who “unleashes a book of pure evil” in order to fulfill his dream of being a heavy metal guitar god. Hijinks are involved. Hilarity ensues.

Mewes’s character, Jimmy, plays sort of a sensei to Todd, doling out advice — some good, some bad.

“I’d use it probably to get [girls],” said Mewes when asked what he’d do if he had a spell book. “I didn’t get any girls in school. I didn’t have sex ’til I was almost 18. When I was in school, I was too obnoxious. Girls didn’t really like to hang out with me, and they didn’t want to have sex with me ’cause I was too dirty and obnoxious and foul mouthed and all that.”

Apparently that becomes charming sometime around 30, because Mewes has been linked to both Nicole Richie and Kimberly Stewart.  

Watch him, below, in a clip from “Todd and the Book of Pure Evil”:

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson